• TRIPLE HABANERO WITH GHOST PEPPERS (The Total Meltdown-Chernobyl) Extremely Hot Sliced Beef Jerky

    $19.05 $14.99

    TRIPLE HABANERO WITH GHOST PEPPERS (The Total Meltdown-ChernobylSliced Beef Jerky!  Smoke Flavor in Traditional thick slices. Insane heat with 3x heat range from triple portion of Habanero Peppers plus Ghost Peppers for uniquely HOT taste.  Painfully HOT!  Ghost peppers are 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.  This is NOT for the faint of heart!!!   Made with slices of premium, tender, juicy beef.

    Vacuum packed to stay fresh in Small (¼ lb) and LARGE (twice as much for only $7.00 more). 

    Ships 50 states by Priority Mail.  FREE if TOTAL order is over $25.   Thanks & ENJOY!!!