• SASSY SAL'S 'Cowgirl" Hot Smoked Sliced Beef Jerky Red Chili Peppers

    $17.05 $12.99

    Sassy Sal's "Cowgirl" Smoked Sliced Beef Jerky Rich Smoky Flavor from Oregon Hardwoods and a light salt cure. Medium Hot heat range due to infusion of hot crushed Red Chili Peppers.   Thick cut and Very Tender slices.  Get in line!!!  Made with slices of premium, tender, juicy beef.  Vacuum packed to stay fresh.  Small 1/4 LB or Large 1/2 LB (twice as much for only $7.00 more) sizes.   

    Ships by Priority Mail.  FREE if TOTAL order is over $25.      Thanks & ENJOY!!!