• TERIYAKI, NO MSG, Nitrates, Gluten Beef Jerky

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    TERIYAKI  NO MSG, Nitrates, Gluten!!! Sliced Beef Jerky! Flavored by Smoke, Brown Sugar, Molasses & Honey!  Thick, Juicy slices. Mild heat for unique taste.  Get in line!!   Made with slices of premium, tender, juicy beef.  Fresh ingredients & no growth hormones make it the BEST!

    The Bakke Brothers Brand Jerky is manufactured by The Jerky Hut as a healthier alternative.  Bakke Brothers Brand Jerky is made without any added nitrites and is also gluten free and MSG free.  We're proud to offer the same high quality you have come to expect from The Jerky Hut with the Bakke Brothers Brand.

    Available in Small (3.2oz) or Large (twice as much - only $7.00 more) sizes.  MADE IN USA!  

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