• WHISKEY BBQ Tender & Juicy

    $17.05 $12.99

    WHISKEY BBQ MILD Sliced Beef Jerky! Juicy, delicious BBQ and whiskey FlavorLightly spicy heat range from the whiskey to give it a little bite. GLUTEN FREE!  Cut into thin and Very Tender slices. A favorite with all!  Get in line!!! Made with slices of premium, tender, juicy beef. Vacuum packed to stay fresh! 

    Two sizes: Small (1/4 LB) or Large (twice as much - only $7.00 more) sizes.   MADE IN USA!  

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    The Whiskey Hill Smokehouse Brand Jerky is manufactured by The Jerky Hut for our Gourmet Beef Jerky Series.  We're proud to offer the same high quality you have come to expect from The Jerky Hut with the Whiskey Hill Smokehouse Brand.